Who Am I?

Well, I'm The Bored DBA... which in itself is a half truth. I'm definitely a DBA, but I'm nearly always too busy to be bored. I just found a clipart I liked of a guy looking bored and rolled with it. Here he is... (I added the SQL Server logo)

I live just outside of London by Gatwick Airport with my wife Michelle and our two kids, Emily and Josh. I used to have pictures of them on here but with the website now getting thousands of clicks a month, and the world sadly not being as "safe" as it used to be, I'm less inclined to do so anymore and therefore you'll have to imagine a photo of 4 cheerful people (or more truthfully something akin to this, minus Maggie):

Oddly enough my passion is SQL Server, sparked off when I first encountered it around 20 years ago now and ever since then it's been like Alice In Wonderland as I followed rabbit hole after rabbit hole into the guts of the software.

Luckily for me I encountered Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp at a very early stage (if you don't know them then I recommend you Google them, their knowledge and experiences at Microsoft and beyond make them second to none, nothing I can write here can do their skillsets justice), and under their direct tuition I was able to delve deeper than ever into the guts of SQL Server and understand it from the very inside out.

Using that knowledge I was able to forge a career in contracting within numerous industries and in all SQL roles (DBA, Architect, Developer) and eventually able to start my own company as a SQL Server Trainer and Remote DBA.

Currently (after a Covid forced reduction) there are two of us in the team (myself and Aiman, but this blog isn't about him so this is all the mention he gets :o) ) Servicing, Supporting, and Training numerous brands both big and small (some multi-national, others local) across many industries ensuring their SQL Servers run in the absolute best way possible.

Aside from SQL Server, I'd have to say rugby, guitars (more collecting than playing if I'm honest), and pizza... mmmmmm - pizza!!! (The Homer pictures work upsettingly well for me)
Anyway, if you do fancy taking a look at my company in case we can help, just click the logo below (alternatively, check out the Links page)