SQL 2016 Install Sets Multiple TempDB Files
Produced: 02/10/2016 16:10:00
This is something that I’ve been hoping would make an appearance in SQL Server at some point, and also why I included my last post about tempDB contention. It’s the ability to choose the number of tempDB files during install rather than having to add them yourself at a later date.

Check Your Database Growth Settings
Produced: 19/10/2014 08:43:00
This is another bug-bear of mine… it’s something I believe should always be set at the time of creating a database and then periodically checked and altered where necessary... and this applies not only to the data file but to the log file as well.

Memory Settings in sp_configure
Produced: 11/05/2014 14:27:00
Now this is a fun thing that I REALLY should have known, but have never really played with the therefore was mystified when it came up in conversation recently. I’ve asked a few other SQL guys and they were unaware of the true meaning of this setting either (which made me feel a little better). It’s not something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon though.

Basically we all know what “max server memory (MB)” is and hopefully everyone uses it, but what about the similar but different “min server memory (MB)” option?

SQL Server 2008 R2 Installation Guide
Produced: 02/06/2013 14:01:00
Need to do a clean install of SQL Server 2008 R2? There are numerous configuration options, choices, and pitfalls involved in performing a clean install. Here I will run through a basic installation of SQL Server 2008 R2 covering all the screens involved, the options therein, and what they mean.

Basic Guide to SQL Server Configuration (sp_configure)
Produced: 17/02/2013 11:49:00
Configuring your SQL Server correctly is one of the key tasks that must be completed in order to get the best performance out of your system.

I won’t go into every single configuration option, just those which I tend to change and tamper with when installing and running a new SQL Server instance.