Backup a Database Using SQL Server Management Studio
Published: 3rd May 2013
Making backups using the GUI is a little longer than when using T-SQL (here), but they do provide a much easier way to see and customise your backup options.

Start by Right-clicking your database in the GUI and select TASKS -> Backup…

This will open up the backup screen…

The first thing to note (other than the fact that this is an independent window, ie. Not linked to the database you right clicked as you can change the database through a drop down list if you so wish) is that you can easily select the type of backup you wish to take by selecting from the drop down at the top right:

NOTE: There is also the option to select a “Copy-only Backup”. This is VERY important and will be discussed later in the Copy Only Backup section.

The majority of the screen is self-explanatory (description, backup name etc) but the next part to focus on is to add the location to which you wish the backup written… therefore click “Add…”:

Click "…"

Select the folder you in which you wish the backup to be stored, and then type the required filename, followed by clicking “OK”:

Click “OK” again:

It will now appear on the main backup form:

That’s basically it. If you click “OK” then SQL Server will create your backup file.

If you wish to add a couple of checks to your backups (always a good idea, although this can slow down the process), then prior to clicking “OK” for the final time, select “Options” in the top left and you’ll see Verification and Checksum options available to add to your backup:

That’s it. It’s the same process for all 3 types of backup, you simply select from the drop down list where appropriate.

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