Handy Trick in SSMS
Produced: 04/09/2016 14:50:00
This is a quick post about something I only found out recently and which has made my life so much easier in many circumstances. It’s something I also imagine you’ll soon use a lot too if you don’t already.

Some Artwork Using SSMS
Produced: 20/12/2015 07:11:00
I did a post a while back called “A Little Happiness in SSMS” in which I abused the Spatial Results tab in SSMS using the Geometry data type in order to make a smiley face.

At the time I did say that I’d delve a little deeper into this datatype but, as you can tell, I’ve never quite gotten around to it.

What I have done in the meantime though, is just play some more.

A Little Happiness in SSMS
Produced: 23/08/2015 06:52:00
This is basically an introduction into something I want to play with in some upcoming posts, but to start with I thought I would introduce the topic with a little bit of happiness.

Simply it’s the lesser known ability (it’s VERY rare to find anyone who knows about this) of SSMS to natively produce shapes and graphs based on data you provide it.