Current State of Scheduled Jobs
Produced: 31/05/2015 07:22:00
This is another useful piece of code (well, I find it handy anyway) which I wrote to help populate a dashboard.

It’s very simple but, based on a quick internet search, fulfils a gap people seem to struggle with.

SQL Server Agent Job Ownership
Produced: 25/01/2015 19:57:00
I’ve come across a few issues recently with regard to the ownership of SQL Server Agent jobs which caused some scheduled tasks to fail and therefore critical maintenance tasks weren’t carried out. Therefore I thought I would share my thoughts on Job Ownership.

Critical Alerting Costs Nothing
Produced: 04/01/2015 09:53:00
I’ve yet to come across a SQL Server which actually makes use of some of the free alerts which SQL Server will hand you if you let it. These are alerts which are already logged inside of SQL Server and are just waiting for you to set up some notifications around them.

Job History Timeout
Produced: 28/12/2014 09:37:00
This is actually an extension to my previous No Job History Showing post in which I pointed out how easy it is to end up without any job history in your SQL Server Agent and therefore not be able to diagnose problems.

Well this is very similar except that there is so much history that all you see is “Timeout Expired”.

No Job History Showing
Produced: 14/12/2014 22:58:00
This is a common complaint I hear whenever I see a new server for the first time… I see a failed job, go to open the Job History, and am told “oh, there’s never anything in there. Why doesn’t SQL ever hold enough?”. Well, the answer is that it simply hasn’t been told to.

Database Mail Working But No SQL Agent Alerts
Produced: 05/01/2014 15:20:00
This is a common “problem” that I see within SQL Server and was asked about just yesterday, but 99% of the times, and with this particular instance as well, it’s actually not a problem at all just a missing setting within the SQL Server Agent.

The key thing to remember here is that Database Mail is part of the SQL Server Service which means that the SQL Server Agent cannot automatically know that it’s present and active and which settings to use. Therefore although you may have set up your Operators and are able to select them within the Notifications tab of a scheduled task, you still have to tell the SQL Server Agent which email account and profile it can use.