Database Mail Working But No SQL Agent Alerts
Published: 5th June 2013
This is a common “problem” that I see within SQL Server and was asked about just yesterday, but 99% of the times, and with this particular instance as well, it’s actually not a problem at all just a missing setting within the SQL Server Agent.

The key thing to remember here is that Database Mail is part of the SQL Server Service which means that the SQL Server Agent cannot automatically know that it’s present and active and which settings to use. Therefore although you may have set up your Operators and are able to select them within the Notifications tab of a scheduled task, you still have to tell the SQL Server Agent which email account and profile it can use.

This is nice and simple to fix… in fact it’s just a couple of clicks…

First, in SSMS, right click the SQL Server Agent and select Properties:

Once open, select the “Alert System” tab on the left hand side and you will be presented with the following:

As you can see, you need to check the “Enable Mail Profile” option which will allow you to use the drop down boxes to select which Profile and Account that you want the Agent to use.

Once selected (and after a SQL Server Agent restart) your jobs should now begin to send you alerts.
Stephanie Reigns
12/08/2016 23:43:00
I see that you solved the server agent to send you alerts with the above tutorial, but what about if you use mongodb over Redis? Does any of this change?
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