Who Am I?

Well, I'm The Bored DBA... which in itself is a half truth. I'm definitely a DBA, but I'm nearly always too busy to be bored. I just found a clipart I liked of a guy looking bored and rolled with it. Here he is...

I live just outside of London by Gatwick Airport with my wife Michelle and our daughter Emily. She's too small to know she's on my website at the moment, but I'm putting a picture on here anyway so that there's something to embarass her with when she's older.

If anyone remembers my old "About" page then you'll know that I used to have two Guinea Pigs... they have both passed on now, but I liked them so much I'm keeping them on my site :)
I love travelling, which is a little annoying as I truly hate flying, and in just the last few years have been to Cyprus, Morocco, Barbados, and both St Lucia and Las Vegas twice. My current favourite place is still standing in front of the Bellagio watching the fountains...

If it's left up to my friends to describe me then, after the predictable round of insults, they usually say that I'm their IT helpdesk. I love technology in general and over time I've tried my hand in most areas before settling on SQL Server.

Through the years I've coded VBA solutions in Excel, designed and coded websites in asp.net, and created a few simple desktop applications in C# as well.

I can install, setup and configure any Windows OS, I have a decent knowledge of networks, I've worked with Exchange, and I maintain a Sharepoint server... but my main love is SQL Server and always will be.

My passion is in the design, tuning, and optimisation of any SQL Server instance. I want to know all there is about SQL Server and found that the best way to learn is to document it, therefore why not put it all on a website for anyone else who may be interested.

So that's the point of this website, it's simply a log of my findings, knowledge, and stuff I'm asked about. And if any of it can help just one person then I'll be happy.

If you have anything specific you want to know, any help or guidance is required, or if you think that anything on my website is incorrect, then I'm happy to hear from you... just use my contact page to get in touch.

Oh, and if you can't guess by looking right... I'm REALLY bad at keeping up to date on Twitter!!!!!!!!!