New Arrival
Published: 27th August 2014
So I’ve been a little quiet on here recently, well there’s a good reason… 3 weeks ago today I became a dad for the first time and therefore I’ve been a little too tied up to keep my website up to date.

It’s all very new and traumatic but all’s going well with the whole family and things are… well they’re definitely not getting anywhere near back to normal but they’re getting to a stage in which we’re starting to cope and adapt at least.

I’m not going to write much at all really, just thought I’d share the news and a couple of pictures:

Just 2 days old…

More recently looking VERY confused in her chair… (oh, and yes, as you can guess by the box in the background we’ve only just moved house as well… nothing like doing everything at once!!!)

Anyway, I’ll be back to updating my website as usual in the coming weeks…
khathiravan raj maadhaven
05/09/2014 17:34:00


How is sleep coming along?
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