Could not find stored procedure dbo.sp_MScheckIsPubOfSub
Published: 3rd May 2013
I was working on one site when we got a very strange replication error appear. I’ve still no idea what caused it, but that won’t stop me posting the error message itself along with the simple solution…

This was the error…

Here’s the code for the proc. Run it in the database that’s throwing the error…

create procedure dbo.sp_MScheckIsPubOfSub
    @pubid uniqueidentifier,
    @subid uniqueidentifier,
    @pubOfSub bit output
    declare @retcode int
    -- Security check
    exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSrepl_PAL_rolecheck
    if (@retcode <> 0) or (@@error <> 0)
        return 1

    if exists
        select sms_a.subid
        from sysmergesubscriptions as sms_a
        where pubid in
            select smp.pubid
            from sysmergesubscriptions as sms
            join sysmergepublications as smp
            on sms.subscriber_server = smp.publisher
            and sms.db_name = smp.publisher_db
            where sms.subid = @pubid
        and sms_a.subid <> sms_a.pubid
        and sms_a.subid = @subid
        select @pubOfSub = 1
        select @pubOfSub = 0
    return 0
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