Revealing Predicates in Execution Plans (TF 9130)
Produced: 27/09/2015 21:21:00
In this episode of Fun with Flags I'm going to discuss trace flag 9130. I found this flag when watching a video on performance tuning by Joe Sack… it’s something that I never knew existed, but that I’ve actually now used a few times because it turned out to be surprisingly handy.

Calculating Cumulative Totals
Produced: 20/09/2015 14:55:00
Following on from my last post really, this was another aspect of the MI I was helping out with which benefitted from the use of some more modern code (SQL 2012 or above) in order to make code both clearer and more concise. It is also a lot faster and less strain on the server using the newer method.

The Best Way to Obtain Percentages
Produced: 13/09/2015 14:17:00
Again, this is something that I decided to write about because I see code in a lot of places used in a lot of different ways and within most MI there is always a need to obtain a percentage figure across a dataset and, for some reason, no-one seems to use SUM with OVER but rather they choose an older, longer method.

Drop Failed For User
Produced: 06/09/2015 12:11:00
This was an error that I hadn’t seen in a while and therefore I thought I would mention it. The error normally seen here is around the user owning a schema and so it cannot be dropped, but this was different:

“The database principal is set as the execution context of one or more procedures, functions, or event notifications and cannot be dropped.”