SQL Server "Distribution clean up: distribution" Job Failing Large MSRepl_commands
Produced: 29/09/2013 16:04:00
This was something I came across when working in a heavily replicated environment… the replication created job “Distribution clean up: distribution” suddenly began to fail constantly. This led me on a trail which had such drastic results that I felt compelled to document it.

I had a look around on the server in which this job was failing and found that the MSRepl_Commands table was HUGE!!! (This is the table which holds all commands to be replicated).

How to Move the Master Database in SQL Server 2008 R2
Produced: 22/09/2013 14:14:00
It's not a frequent occurence but times have arisen in which it's necessary to relocate the master database within your SQL Server. With SQL Server 2008 this is an incredibly simple operation and shouldn't cause you any problems.

How To Move The tempDB Database
Produced: 15/09/2013 12:45:00
New, faster disks arrived? Maybe you've done a reshuffle and ended up with a clean, unused physical drive? Either way your tempDB needs to be relocated. Doing so is actually incredibly simple and requires just a few short steps.

SQL Server AUTOCOMMIT within a while loop
Produced: 08/09/2013 13:15:00
This is just a little tip in case you ever have to make a lot of updates or inserts using a while loop and don’t mind a short amount of blocking while you do it.

Identity Management in Merge Replication
Produced: 01/09/2013 11:37:00
One of the most crucial and most complex stages in selecting the Article Properties of a table with an Identity column is how to utilise replication's Identity Range Management.