Produced: 25/10/2015 09:43:00
This is another new function in SQL Server 2012 which is incredibly useful and I’ve been using everywhere I can in place of the previous ISNULL or COALESCE functions.

Unique Index with Union All
Produced: 18/10/2015 09:36:00
This follows on directly from the previous post in regard to ensuring that you use UNIQUE if possible on an index as I’ve also found that not having UNIQUE can make quite a hefty difference when using UNION ALL.

Create UNIQUE Clustered Index
Produced: 11/10/2015 10:55:00
This is a bug bear of mine but something which I see all over the place in people’s code… if you’re going to create a clustered index on a table (including temp tables) and the key you’re using is unique, then let SQL Server know. You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes.

Easily Calculating End of Month
Produced: 04/10/2015 16:54:00
Something I’ve had to do a lot recently is to calculate financials which involved using an end of month date. This has always been a pain to calculate in SQL Server. There are a lot of ways of doing it, but all are annoying.

Luckily that’s now changed, but I found that a good few people didn’t seem to know that.