SQL Server 2008 Swapping Database Names (sp_renameDB Bug)
Produced: 27/10/2013 19:08:00
This is a bug I found within SQL 2008 (and R2) which has caused me endless problems within my system. I now have a workaround, but it’s clumsy and I really don’t appreciate having to do it.

SQL Server 2008 backup compression... instance level or not?
Produced: 20/10/2013 16:34:00
Initially I would have said to set this within sp_configure because although it is CPU intensive, I have always found that the cost is more than covered by the level of reward.

However, I have recently discovered something which causes a little more thought before simply applying this at the instance level and not individually to backup scripts or maintenance plans.

Agent History Cleanup - Distribution Transaction Log Full
Produced: 13/10/2013 20:45:00
A company I was visiting were having problems with the "Agent History Clean up" job that Microsoft installs as standard on a Distributor server. They had disabled the job because, as the job history showed, it was no longer completing as expected but was running forever and in doing so was causing the distribution database log file to rapidly increase in size until it Windows reported the disk as full.

Merge Replication Records Stuck with genStatus4
Produced: 06/10/2013 14:40:00
This is an issue I’ve only seen a few times in our system, but when it does appear the effects are very noticeable indeed.

What I witnessed was that replication suddenly slowed down on a machine and the CPU started to rise to uncomfortable and unusual levels.