Current State of Scheduled Jobs
Produced: 31/05/2015 07:22:00
This is another useful piece of code (well, I find it handy anyway) which I wrote to help populate a dashboard.

It’s very simple but, based on a quick internet search, fulfils a gap people seem to struggle with.

Gradual Database Shrink
Produced: 24/05/2015 07:17:00
First things first… NEVER shrink your database unless you REALLY have to.

Now that’s out of the way, this is one of those occasions when I decided that a shrink was a bearable approach, however it wasn’t without issue and hence I found this funky piece of code.

Vertical Partitioning Using sp_tableOption
Produced: 17/05/2015 09:48:00
This was an incredibly cool thing that I learnt the other week whilst attending a SQLSkills course. I have previously made mention of Vertical Partioning and how useful it can be, BUT it does have the downside of re-architecting… this can change that.

Check SQL CPU Utilisation vs Other
Produced: 10/05/2015 09:46:00
This is a simple piece of code pinched from the Microsoft Performance Dashboard, but it’s useful and needs highlighting on its own as I tend to use it extensively.

Effectively it shows not only the CPU being used by SQL Server but also the CPU consumed by other processes.

Instant File Initialization
Produced: 03/05/2015 18:19:00
This is actually a Windows level setting, but something that is hugely beneficial to a SQL Server and should be enabled where possible.

It basically allows database data files to instantly allocate new space (autogrowth, creating new database, restoring a database, adding datafiles etc) rather than zero initializing them.