Every Statement Is Parameterized
Produced: 29/03/2015 10:15:00
This is a common misconception that I hear from devs and DBAs alike… people seem to believe that SQL Server will parameterize every statement it runs and store the plan for re-use later.

However, this is not necessarily the case.

Updating Varchar Column Values In Replicated Tables
Produced: 22/03/2015 08:01:00
This is just a quick post as it’s something I came across the other day and I thought it warranted a note and word of caution.

Basically I was alerted that replication had ground to a halt and was suffering badly after a developer had performed an update. Their logic was “it was only 100,000 rows, it should be able to cope with that”.

Easily Baseline Your Servers
Produced: 15/03/2015 12:04:00
This is a common requirement in all companies… servers must be baselined otherwise how do you know if changes are detrimental or beneficial? How do you know where to look if something suddenly goes wrong?

Produced: 08/03/2015 18:46:00
This was something I created due to being fed up with constantly having to set up Profiler, having it “forget” my custom traces, and also wanting the data in SSMS so that I could query it if necessary.

SSIS Dynamic String Connection
Produced: 01/03/2015 14:44:00
This is something that’s really useful to know. It threw me for a little while when I first thought of doing it, but now it’s something I use quite frequently and to good effect. It’s really simple to set up once you know what you’re doing.