Produced: 31/03/2013 18:41:00
I've always found that no matter what I end up coding, I always have to manipulate a date or two. Whether it's finding last week's date, extracting the minute from a datetime, or calculating how long someone has taken between orders, it always comes down to manipulating dates.

List of Datatypes
Produced: 24/03/2013 18:46:00
A datatype is exactly how it sounds... it defines the type of data. We use these all the time in our normal lives but may not even realise it.

14, for example, is a number. We know that "bored" is a word made up of 5 characters. Those are effectively datatypes in action, just that we call them slightly different names in SQL Server.

Numeric DataTypes
Produced: 17/03/2013 09:50:00
This article will simply cover a basic manipulation of some numerical datatypes to highlight some key uses and pitfalls.

Create a Database Using SSMS
Produced: 10/03/2013 13:04:00
This article will show you how to create your very first database using SQL Server Management Studio's GUI. This is a very simple process and will allow you to then move on to creating tables and other objects in which to store your data.
How to Create a Table in SQL Server
Produced: 03/03/2013 19:00:00
There are a couple of ways of achieving this, the first is using SQL Server Management Studio as a “point and click” tool, and the other is using T-SQL code.

Personally I only ever use T-SQL and therefore this article will focus on that approach. Personally I find that T-SQL offers much clearer control and power than solely using the GUI.