Gathering Tracer Token Data
Produced: 28/06/2015 07:50:00
After my last post surrounding Tracer Tokens I was told by a friend that it was a little harsh to simply end saying that you can just join to a few system tables and make something meaningful. Therefore I’ve given in and this post will show you how you can use tracer token and system data to your advantage.

Tracer Tokens
Produced: 21/06/2015 07:42:00
If you’re using Transactional Replication then these can be invaluable to you. These are incredibly lightweight, easy to use, and they will help you with all manner of reporting and troubleshooting within your replicated environment.

Access a Network Drive Using SQL Server
Produced: 14/06/2015 07:38:00
This is a handy hint as to how to access a network drive from within SQL Server. It just happened to be something that I was using in some code and was asked what the code was doing.

Grant Execute To All Procedures
Produced: 07/06/2015 07:34:00
I’ve been in numerous situations now in which people require security in their SQL Server (obviously) but find that the provided db_dataReader and db_dataWriter aren’t quite good enough. They require execute rights on all procedures, but find this is hard to set up.