Simple Cluster Failover Checker
Produced: 29/06/2014 16:40:00
Obviously I would be shocked if you don’t already have something in place which will let you know that your SQL Server Cluster has failed over to another node. But I always like to have my own backups to any other automated alerting in order to keep me informed.

Scalar Value Functions and Parallelism
Produced: 22/06/2014 16:38:00
I’ve complained before about Scalar Value Functions and how much I dislike them but, in case you weren’t convinced the first time around, here’s another reason for you.

Scalar Value Functions stop the optimizer from using parallelism.

Which Columns Are Being Updated
Produced: 15/06/2014 10:14:00
This came about as a result of a series of mass updates being applied to a replicated table. This series of updates was causing replication to lock up and become so far behind that the only acceptable course of action was a full rebuild. This is by far and away the course of action I least like taking, but in this example it was unavoidable.

Huge tempDB Log File
Produced: 08/06/2014 16:27:00
I had an interesting problem appear this morning in which the tempDB Log file began to grow… and by grow I mean it went from just 10GB to well over 150GB in one morning and showed no signs of stopping.

I’m used to the data file growing as required, but it’s incredibly rare I see such behaviour from the log.

Copying User Access From Database to Database
Produced: 01/06/2014 16:59:00
This topic came about the other day when I was required to move some tables into a completely new database as part of a schema restructure and new project.

The issue was that I was that in order to maintain existing functionality I was using synonyms from the old database to the new, but this meant that permissions all required copying from the old database to the new otherwise access would fail.