Produced: 26/07/2015 05:07:00
Now we’ve used RAISERROR (as per my previous post) we need to address a specific issue which RAISERROR has and which we need to overcome in order to make this more useful. That would be that issue that SQL Server doesn’t show messages until the very end of execution. This will fix that issue.

Quick Guide to RAISERROR
Produced: 19/07/2015 05:04:00
Have you ever written code and you want custom error messages to be returned as you go? Or to stop execution where YOU define an error has occurred even when it’s not a real error? You can use raiserror to achieve this. This is simple syntax and quite powerful.

Kill All User Processes
Produced: 12/07/2015 05:01:00
This is a quick and dirty bit of code which I’ve used on occasion when trying to put a database which is in single user mode back into multi user mode but which is accessed so frequently that all you receive is an error message stating you are the deadlock victim.

Alerting For Replication Latency Using Tracer Tokens
Produced: 05/07/2015 07:53:00
This is a direct follow up to my previous post on Tracer Tokens and Replication Latency.

This post will include some simple code to check for excessive latency in your replication and, if appropriate, send out an email informing you of the problem.