SSIS Pass Variable Between SQL Tasks
Produced: 22/02/2015 11:32:00
This is something that I found tricky when I first started to work with SSIS packages and something that I regularly see asked on the internet, therefore I figured it was something worth documenting.

SSIS Basic Package
Produced: 15/02/2015 10:46:00
I’ve been using a lot of SSIS recently and whilst doing so I figured I should really add a few basics to the blog in case anyone either hasn’t used it before or simply hasn’t used it for a while and wants a few pointers.

Therefore this is the first of a few posts I’ll try to do covering some simple SSIS stuff.

How to obtain the size of a specific Index
Produced: 08/02/2015 09:31:00
We know that sp_spaceUsed is a great way to obtain a few simple figures about a table such as row count, table size, and index size… but these are all cumulative. Therefore what happens if you want to know the specific size of an individual index?

Part Populating Temp Tables
Produced: 01/02/2015 19:43:00
The other day I was going through some code looking for a reduction in reads (as they were rather higher than expected), and whilst doing so I came across a piece of code that seems logical yet is actually quite a performance killer.