Job History Timeout
Produced: 28/12/2014 09:37:00
This is actually an extension to my previous No Job History Showing post in which I pointed out how easy it is to end up without any job history in your SQL Server Agent and therefore not be able to diagnose problems.

Well this is very similar except that there is so much history that all you see is “Timeout Expired”.

Obtain Job Name from sp_who2
Produced: 21/12/2014 23:25:00
This is a personal pet hate of mine and of many people I’ve spoken to… we have all these lovely tools to obtain a list of what’s happening on our SQL Server but invariably sp_who, sp_who2, and sysprocesses all find it highly entertaining to provide you with a seemingly encrypted result instead of a job name.

No Job History Showing
Produced: 14/12/2014 22:58:00
This is a common complaint I hear whenever I see a new server for the first time… I see a failed job, go to open the Job History, and am told “oh, there’s never anything in there. Why doesn’t SQL ever hold enough?”. Well, the answer is that it simply hasn’t been told to.

Random Number Generator
Produced: 07/12/2014 13:03:00
Surprisingly this is something that I come across quite often and it’s not the easiest thing to achieve in SQL Server in certain circumstances… a solid piece of code which generates a random number.