How to Move the Model and MSDB Databases in SQL Server 2008 R2
Produced: 25/08/2013 17:38:00
This came to light when I was working with a company who were struggling with their MSDB database. They had a requirement to maintain huge volumes of historical job data and backup information and didn't want to archive this to another database. Therefore this meant a large MSDB which had filled their drive and they needed to relocate it.

Copy-Only Backup
Produced: 18/08/2013 09:50:00
This is a crucial addition to SQL Server which is invaluable at times. It basically takes a snapshot of the database rather than an actual backup. Therefore it can be used to restore a database and to provide a copy, but crucially it does not break the backup chain.

What is a backup chain? Well, when you have a database in Full Recovery mode you need a constant chain of backups in order to have the ability to restore the database correctly.

Backup a Database Using TSQL
Produced: 11/08/2013 20:17:00
This is actually the cleanest and quickest way to produce a backup as it is a one line command in the form of:

BACKUP DATABASE <database_name> TO DISK = <backup_device>

Backup a Database Using SQL Server Management Studio
Produced: 04/08/2013 20:12:00
Making backups using the GUI is a little longer than when using T-SQL (here), but they do provide a much easier way to see and customise your backup options.